Christopher Michael

In the past 17 years, I've learned a thing or two about hair. More importantly, I've learned a lot about people. One thing we all share is wanting to look our best, and to do it without taking time away from the things that really matter to us. 

I specialize in natural-looking, girl-next-door beauty. Subtle enhancements to the already beautiful canvas creates wearable, timeless styles that are still relevant to today's fashion trends. 

Early in my career, I dedicated years to educating both in salons and on stage across the United States, working with some of the top names in the industry.  This provided a solid foundation upon which to build a successful career behind the chair.  

I love to get to know my clients on a personal level, to really understand what matters to them.  I have spent years developing my communication skills.  Time and time again, I have heard clients tell me that their previous stylist simply "didn't listen".  You can count on me to listen to what you like as well as to what you do NOT like.  This allows me to customize your hair to your lifestyle and free up time for you to focus on changing the world in ways only you can.  

I believe in using the appropriate tools to create your dream hair.  Those "tools" are not limited to only blow-dryers and irons. Styling products are the most important tools in my opinion.  Not only do they help protect your hair from the environment to which your hair is exposed, it allows us to transform your natural texture making it easier for you to work with.  My goal is NOT to "sell" you just another product, but to "prescribe" the appropriate regimen for YOUR hair, helping you to have the hair you should have been born with.

- Christopher Michael